An infolding of the dura lining the skull forms a near-complete membrane that separates the lowermost part of the cranial cavity – the posterior fossa

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Tethered cord

During development, inside the womb, the skeletal parts of the spine grow at a faster rate than does the spinal cord. This differential rate of

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This Latin word means a sheath, or sleeve. It refers to the tube of dura that lines the spinal canal, retaining within it the spinal

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From the Greek, meaning referring to the chest. In neurological practice we are usually referring to that part of the spine that runs down the

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In everyday speech a piece of tissue is a thin sheet of paper, used to wrap a present or, in a slightly different form, to

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Tonsillar ectopia.

The word ectopia, from the Greek, means “out of position”. Tonsillar ectopia is another term for tonsillar herniation, avoiding use of the eponymous term Chiari

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The Charity appreciates that hospital specialists will almost inevitably use some medical jargon at times, even when they are trying to explain medical matters in lay terminology. The table below lists many of the medical terms that are likely to be used, from time-to-time, by doctors, when they are talking to patients, or in composing medical correspondence. It is hoped that our explanation of the meaning of these terms throws at least some light on matters.

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