Literally translated this means a disease that has caused itself, i.e. there is no underlying cause that can be identified. Many experts argue that there

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Infusion study

An investigation which involves injecting saline, slowly, into the cerebrospinal fluid pathways, either via a lumbar puncture needle or into a reservoir connected to one

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IVth ventricle

The lowest positioned of the four cerebral ventricles. It lies in the posterior fossa but may become partly displaced into the top of the spinal

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The Charity appreciates that hospital specialists will almost inevitably use some medical jargon at times, even when they are trying to explain medical matters in lay terminology. The table below lists many of the medical terms that are likely to be used, from time-to-time, by doctors, when they are talking to patients, or in composing medical correspondence. It is hoped that our explanation of the meaning of these terms throws at least some light on matters.

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Autumn Meeting

The Autumn 2023 Meeting was a great success with old friends meeting up again and new friendships being made.

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