We will be adding to the list of available research over time. We are constantly looking for the latest information in regards to the relevant conditions and treatments. Below is a selection of articles that we are currently aware of and/or supporting.

Clinical Audits

The UK Chiari 1 Study

The UK Chiari 1 Study aims to investigate the quality of life of patients with Chiari 1 malformation managed either with or without surgery. Patients who have seen a neurosurgeon for the first time will be approached about the study and asked to complete a questionnaire about their symptoms and quality of life. Each patient will be asked to repeat the questionnaire one-year later, as well as one-year following any decompression surgery that they may have. The study is a multicentre and collaborative project that is being coordinated by UK neurosurgical trainees (the British Neurosurgical Research Trainee Collaborative; and will be supported by neurosurgical colleagues across the UK. The UK Chiari 1 Study launched in October 2020 and will take approximately three years to complete.