British Syringomyelia Chari Group

The British Syringomyelia Chiari Group was formed in 2005, by a group of neurosurgeons with particular interest and experience in treating syringomyelia and related disorders. The group was soon joined by a number of neuroscientists, neurologists and veterinary neurologists who also had an interest in this field. The Group was founded under the auspices of the Ann Conroy Trust, a charity which provides support for patients who live with Chiari malformations or syringomyelia. The Charity also provides educational material about these conditions, for health care professionals and for patients, their family & carers. It also organises educational events for health care professionals in training. The Charity and the Group work together closely in their various endeavours. The British Syringomyelia-Chiari Group is also affiliated to the Society of British Neurological Surgeons. It has its own constitution, which can be viewed here. Membership of the Group is open to any health care professional or neuroscientist who has an interest in treating or studying syringomyelia, Chiari or related conditions.

What do we do?

In addition to holding regular meetings, the British Syringomyelia Chiari Group has also initiated a number of important projects, including the organisation of an international conferences Syringomyelia-Chiari 2018 and Syringomyelia 2007. Syringomyelia 2007 was followed by Syringomyelia 2010, held in Berlin and Syringomyelia 2013, held in Sydney. Both of these follow-on events were organised by international delegates who had attended the Rugby symposium. Members of the Group subsequently began production of the monograph Syringomyelia, a disorder of CSF circulation, which was published by Springer, in 2014. Currently, we are looking to develop standards of practice, in the assessment and management of patients presenting with Chiari malformations and/or syringomyelia. The Group is also committed to establishing a database of syringomyelia and Chiari cases, to form a basis for future clinical research. The charity is actively supporting this work, facilitated through the British Syringomyelia Chiari Group.

How do I join?

Simply fill out the online form, write, or e-mail the Charity, providing your title, forename, surname, professional position and where you work. We also require your postal and e-mail addresses, so that we can contact you with details about the Group’s activities and meetings. Once we have confirmed your membership we will send you a copy of the Group’s constitution, together with some samples of the educational material that the Charity produces. To attend one of the Group’s meetings you will need to complete one of our registration forms – which you can find here. Please note that consultants practising in the UK & Ireland are asked to pay £35 to the Ann Conroy Trust, as a contribution towards the costs of promoting and running the meetings. Trainees and nurse specialists are also welcome to attend, as guests of Group members and are charged a £15 attendance fee. All those attending the meetings are required to pay for their hotel room, if staying the night before, as well as for the evening meal, if joining the rest of the Group for this event.

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If you wish to consult with the group about any particular case please contact the Charity on in advance of the meeting.