The lowermost part of the lowest ventricle of the brain. During development the central canal of the spinal cord is in continuity with the ventricular

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Something is objective when it can be seen to be present by more than one person. The term usually refers to something that can be

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Odontoid peg

A peg of bone, that forms part of the second cervical vertebra and which protrudes upwards, behind the front part of the ring-shaped first cervical

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A build-up of water within body tissues, essentially “waterlogging”. It may be seen as swollen ankles in elderly people with a degree of heart failure,

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An orthostatic symptom is one that develops when the affected person stands up. They are sometimes but by no means always the result of cerebrospinal

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When a doctor notices abnormal jerking movement of a patient’s eyes, this is referred to as nystagmus. Nystagmus is an objective physical sign. When the

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The Charity appreciates that hospital specialists will almost inevitably use some medical jargon at times, even when they are trying to explain medical matters in lay terminology. The table below lists many of the medical terms that are likely to be used, from time-to-time, by doctors, when they are talking to patients, or in composing medical correspondence. It is hoped that our explanation of the meaning of these terms throws at least some light on matters.

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